value beyond expectation
Coastal Bay construction is a highly specialised company in the design and implementation of outstanding architectural envelopes, The company performs innovative, complex and high tech facade projects and is particularly well positioned to meet the current requirements of sustainable development.

Our motto is “Value beyond expectation” which means maximising the value and as well as the satisfaction of our clients, employee and partners, we are re-engineering the real estate industry in Andhra Pradesh.

We are specialists in designing and manufacturing custom tailored façade systems. Our Andhra-wide reputation for excellence has been earned over more than 20 years of prestigious projects, in which we have proven our ingenuity and dedication to detail.

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Coastal Bay is managed by ENTREPRENEURS and SPECIALITS who have expertise in all areas of real estate life cycle.

As a company that deals with the entire life cycle of real estate, we are changing the ways in which real estate is developed, built and managed in Andhra Pradhesh applying the principles of the automotive industry for prefabricated production, digitization and lean processes at all stages. Together with selected partners, all aspects of real estate development are made more efficient.

The result is convincing: cumulative gains at every stage. Progress in efficiency, time, costs, quality, service, the end product as a whole and above all the customer experience. Each project has eight stages, which are assigned to three extensive development phases.

Thanks to our reconstructed construction process with composite materials, building components of the highest quality can be manufactured for on-site assembly in a need-oriented manner. The manufacturing and assembling process, which has been streamlined in this way, allows us to erect buildings on site in just three months instead of the 12-24 months required for conventional construction processes. 

As a result, customers and partners benefit from a ready-for-sale or profitable property of the highest quality, much more quickly than a conventional construction project.